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Du numéro 1 à 129 côté impair de l’avenue Daumesnil

icone téléphone vert


Icone métro verte

Gare de Lyon, Bastille ou Daumesnil


A unique place that houses 52 artists and craftsmen, the Viaduct stands out for its diversity of businesses, style and wide range of categories it covers : decoration, fashion, art restoration, music, and of course, restaurants. These businesses are inspired by the roots of its tenants, their travels, their experiences, their personal interests and a core set of common values in which materials are the heart of the creative process. Not only does the Viaduc des Arts have a huge selection of crafts catering to both professionals and private individuals, it is also a walkway planted with historic rosebushes that is a perfect way to enjoy a little-known part of Paris.

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