Icone localisation

12, rue Linois

icone téléphone vert


Icone métro verte

Charles Michel ou Bir Hakeim


At Pathé cinemas, going to a lm is rather like making a journey. The entrance is like a boarding area with the same sort of counters and ticketing areas, control points and checking before allowing access to the cinema itself. Ora Ïto designed this futuristic airport where everything is aligned to ensure comfort and relaxation. Posters have given way to digital screens, a café with a view, a conciergerie, education workshops and ten cinemas with numbered seating and double seats for watching lms with the one you love. The sun- yellow colour scheme and the use of Corian® and oak make it a pleasant trip for the visitor. Think of it as being a cross between Playmobil, Sim City and Toy Story, and keep your eyes open !

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