Icone localisation

20-22, Port d’Austerlitz

icone téléphone vert


Icone métro verte

Quai de la Gare ou Gare d’Austerlitz


On the Hotel Off take your pick between Left Bank and Right Bank, between life on the river and life on the riverbank. This unique spot has 58 bedrooms including four suites, a bar, a pool, a marina and a 400 sqm terrace on the quay. Of the four suites, two are ‘Designer’ suites designed by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman using shades of Sunset and Silver. Gérard Ronzatti of Seine Design who was in charge of the architecture at OFF chose a discreet line accompanied by elegant roofting in zinc and a central glass atrium to bathe the centre of the building in light. The building sets out to be timeless, using long lasting and noble materials like wood, copper, leather, glass and zinc.

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