The 342 Design addresses of Intramuros


Intramuros selection

Icone localisation

8/10, square du Docteur Blanche

icone téléphone vert


Gare du Nord

Jasmin / Michel-Ange Auteuil


La Roche House and Le Corbusier’s apartment are open all year round to visitors. The Foundation ensures the conservation of the buildings that have been bequeathed to it; organizes exhibitions in the Maison La Roche; opens its documentation centre to amateurs and specialists : research grants for young researchers, residencies in Le Corbusier’s apartment, organization of meetings and seminars, scientific publications… More than 400,000 digitized documents can be consulted in the documentation room. Every year, since 1989, the Foundation has organised Meetings, open to all those interested in deepening their knowledge of Le Corbusier’s work.

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