77-81 rue des Rosiers

01 40 10 95 21

Porte de Saint-Ouen ou Garibaldi


On the 8th June 2013, Hervé Giaoui opened the Vintage Habitat 1964 space, 1964 being the year Habitat was created, bought out in 2011 by CAFOM, leader in furniture and electrical appliance sales overseas. At number 77 rue des Rosiers, Habitat has set up as a real flea marketer, buying old products, fully authenticated thanks to the help of Yves Cambier, former director of Habitat, and sales from a rough 400 sqm warehouse. Opposite is the boutique L’Eclaireur, a vegetable garden and a small restaurant called ‘Le petit Habitat’ run by Tartes Kluger. An ideal way to establish and highlight the status of ones heritage.

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