23, rue du Départ

01 43 22 41 94

Montparnasse-Bienvenüe ou Edgard Quinet


Launched in 2006 by Jean-Pierre Bruaire and Catherine Melotte, the Granville Gallery created a name for itself with its collections of objects, furniture, one-off and limited editions of design, painting, photography, installations, sculpture, video and the plastic arts. After five years in Granville, in 2010 it opened its outlet in Paris opposite the Tour Montparnasse. Apart from its collaborations with the Design School in Saint Etienne and with Fabrica in Italy, it also shows the work of designers including Matali Crasset, Christian Ghion, Eric Jourdan, Pascal Mourgue, Elizabeth Garouste, Sam Baron, Elise Fouin, Vincent Dupont Rougier…

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