Icone localisation

73, av. des Gobelins

icone téléphone vert


Icone métro verte

Place d’Italie ou Les Gobelins


How to build 28,000 sqm on a site that is only 2,000 sqm on the ground was a challenge in itself. The organic volume, like a giant caterpillar, creeps up over ve stories but it shouldn’t be seen as just a caprice by the architect Renzo Piano, it also allows the building to ll the space without touching its neighbours. With this strange shape, the Pathé Foundation ful ls its conservationist role and gives the public access to the company’s archives that date back to its creation in 1896. A recognised charity, the foundations archives are regularly enriched with new additions. The catalogue has over 100,000 lms, including 9,000 silent movies.

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