Icone localisation

7-11, boulevard Saint-Germain

icone téléphone vert

01 43 54 32 62

Icone métro verte



A master of lighting for over 15 years, Arnaud Perez has given new life to Electrorama since he took over the first Paris boutique that gave voice to designer lighting way back in 1965. Electrorama is a sort of lighting Mecca and the boutique continues to carry on the philosophy that its founder Roger Nathan espoused in the manner in which it has managed to track down extraordinary work by Delight Design and Thierry Vidé. It still has the work of all the major houses in its 300sqm Showroom En (from Foscarini to Fontana) but it is now combined with works from the likes of Lahumière Design and Ombre Portée.

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