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14, rue Ternaux

01 43 55 07 30

Parmentier ou République


Wellbeing and pleasure are the watchwords that Nathaniel Doboin and Thomas Teffri-Cham- belland kept in the forefront of their minds when they created the rst entirely natural gluten free bakery in Paris. Right in the heart of the little village around Popincourt in the 11th, Chambel- land proposes a selection of breads and cakes that are simple, respectful of the environment and balanced. Designed by the architectural duo Emir Drahsan and Beste Kuscu, the 70 sqm boutique uses a network of copper piping to structure the space. There are ten seats outside and 15 inside, the logo fashioned from two of the square loaves is by the graphic designers H5 and the contempo- rary feel and natural materials are all indicative of something that is healthy and well thought out.

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