52, rue de Rivoli

09 77 40 14 00

Hôtel de Ville


Already a focal point in many areas like DIY, handcrafts and men’s fashion, in 2013 the store on the Right Bank was renamed BHV Marais. In keeping with its original brief, the 45 000sqm of retail space now give over even more space to the indulgences of urban creative types. With a new slogan “Style, like lifestyle”, the baseline and logo tell you all you need to know about its ambitions. 600 sqm for a new women’s footwear section, the third floor devoted to tableware, a new restaurant, “Paris-Tokyo” and a saké bar, BHV (the Bazar of the Hotel de Ville) has entered the modern erea, a perfect coda to a walk through the Marais.

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