Cultural and heritage places selection in Paris

You like everything about culture and heritage, don’t you? Paris Design Guide has several addresses in its directory that could please you: design and cultural shop, cinema, museum, auditorium, etc. Discover our selection of places you need to visit for a weekend full of cultural discoveries.


Discover the bookshop-boutique of the Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum, located in the 1st district of Paris, is today the biggest museum of art and antiquity in the world. His visit is often part of the unavoidable activities of Paris. But did you know that he owned a boutique-bookstore?

Located in the aisle of the Grand Louvre, this space offers on the ground floor a wide range of products related to the collections and exhibitions presented at the museum. An impressive art library and a space dedicated to young people offer are installed on the first floor.

An area open every day, except Tuesday, from 9:30 to 19h and Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 21:45.


Walk in the alleys of the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris

Located rue de Rivoli in the 1st district of Paris, the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris is located in the Louvre Palace. Conservatory of the craftsmen engineers and artists, its goal is to valorize applied fine arts and the development of links between industry and culture, creation and production.

The collection of this museum is one of the most important art deco collection in the world. It presents a history panorama of furniture, glass, ceramics, jewelery, textiles and fashion, graphics, etc.

It hosts a dozen major exhibitions every year.


Have a cinematic break at the Luxor cinema

The legendary cinema Luxor is a cinema in the 10th district of Paris. Reopened in 2013 thanks to two neighborhood associations and Barbès district, the building has been completely renovated and now it has three rooms.

From its original state, it keeps only the mosaic facade and three seats on the second balcony. The architect and scenographer Philippe Pumain, however, cleared the granite engraved in the great hall and thus restored its decor closer to the original.

Choose a session in one of the three rooms to admire their architecture before your movie.


Stroll to the City of Architecture and Heritage

With her 23,000 m², the City of Architecture and Heritage is the largest architectural center in the world.

Redesigned by the architect Jean-François Bodin, the galleries of the museum have many life-size moldings of great Romanesque and Gothic French monuments.

You will be able to discover a complete panorama on the modern and contemporary architecture but also temporary exhibitions in relation with the inheritance, the architecture and the urbanism.

The City of Architecture and Heritage is opened every day, except Tuesday, from 11H to 19H. Thursdays until 9pm.


Discover a monumental building dedicated to music

In the 16th district of Paris, the Auditorium of the House of Radio has been rehabilitated by Architecture Studio.

Built on the site of the old studios 102 and 103 of the House of Radio, the building has become an exceptional concert hall. Designed from a shape of an arena, it has a monumental organ and offers the four musical groups and antennas of Radio France a unique place to present works in the heart of Paris.

Attend one of the concerts or one of the programs scheduled to admire its architecture and acoustic ingenuity.


A bookshop, a museum, a cinema, a cultural and heritage city and an auditorium: enough to make heritage and cultural discoveries in the heart of Paris. Good visits !

Marilyne Lopes d’Andrade

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